Collaborative Innovation Networks 

Collaborative innovation networks, or COINs, are cyber teams of self-motivated people with a collective vision, to innovatively collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and work enabled by technology. COINs are powered by swarm creativity, wherein people work together in a structure that enables a fluid creation and exchange of ideas. Patterns of collaborative innovation frequently follow an identical path, from creator to COIN to collaborative learning network (CLN) to collaborative interest network (CIN). 

Our conferences have been taking place since 2009 but this year's 2020 conference has been canceled due to the global pandemic. In 2022 we continue our series with the 10th International COINs Conference in Krakow, Poland.

Steering Commitee

Andrea Fronzetti Colladon
University of Perugia, Italy

Cristobal Garcia
 Imperial College and TU Delft

Peter Gloor

Julia Gluesing
Wayne State University, USA

Francesca Grippa
Northeastern University, USA

 Takashi Iba
Keio University, Japan

Casper Lassenius
Aalto University, Finland

Christine Miller
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Maria Paasivaara
IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Ken Riopelle
Wayne State University, USA

Yang Song
Jilin University, China

Aleksandra Przegalinska Kozminski University

Selected conference proceedings publications


9th International Conference on Collaborative Innovation Networks 2019